Motor Claims Helpline specialise in assisting motorists who have been involved in an accident. We simplify the whole process for you so that you get back on the road in the minimum of time whilst we deal with all of the difficult stuff. Even if the accident is your fault, or the other party is not insured we can still usually supply you with a replacement vehicle immediately and deal with any compensation or personal injury claims for you too.

We also specialise in assisting consumers who have issues with various products and services throughout the Motor trade.

Many of our clients have purchased vehicles which have subsequently developed a fault and the vendor of the vehicle is not willing to assist. Similarly, many consumers have become the victims when a warranty or insurance claim has been either refused, or only partly paid.

In the majority of these cases you, the consumer are pretty sure that you haven’t been treated fairly. But as you don’t possess the knowledge or understanding of the law you are unable to confront these companies who are taking advantage of you.

This is where we can help. We have over 30 years’ experience in the motor industry and are aware that most vehicle owners don’t know where to start when they find themselves with a faulty vehicle. The simple truth is that you have legal rights which many motor dealers, garages, warranty and finance companies often convince you that you don’t.

At Motor Claims Helpline we understand the law and your rights and with our assistance we can get you the service that you are entitled to. We have an amazing success rate with over 80% of claims settled and most without any legal action being required.

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We can take care of everything if you have had an accident. If you contact us before 3pm we can usually get you in a replacement vehicle same day!

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It is estimated that each day over 1500 insurance and warranty claims are rejected. We can usually identify if you have a valid claim within a few minutes. Chat with us online 8am – 8pm.



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