Accident Management

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Assistance regardless of who is at fault
  • Immediate replacement vehicle
  • Personal injury legal assistance
  • Uninsured driver assistance
  • Car, Motorbike, Van & Taxi claims
  • Parked car claims
  • Insurance bodyshop repairs

If you have been the victim of any type of vehicle accident we can assist you. We cover all types of vehicles and can even supply replacement specialist vehicles such as camper vans, recovery trucks, taxi’s and even ice cream vans! We will sort your claim form start to finish and all we require from you is the basic information – we will do the rest.

We will get you mobile in no time, arrange for vehicle repairs, deal with all correspondence and get you the compensation you deserve in the case of a personal injury.

We will attempt to claim directly from the 3rd party insurer leaving your insurance policy unaffected. It is all too often that your own insurance company will deal with your claim which then shows as a ‘valid claim’ on your policy. This causes problems if your insurance policy is due for renewal as your premium may well go up and you can lose any no claims bonus discount. By claiming directly from the 3rd party insurance your premium will not be affected. In addition you will benefit from not having to pay a policy excess. In the event that you were uninsured we can still claim from the 3rd party.

Policy Excess
Don’t worry you will never have to pay a policy excess as we claim direct from the 2rd party insurer and not from your own policy.

Insurance Premium Increase
When we claim directly from the 3rd party insurer NO CLAIM is made against your policy. This means that your premium will never increase.

No Claims Discount
As we claim directly from the 3rd party insurer your no claims discount remains intact.

Courtesy Vehicles
We will supply a courtesy vehicle (usually within 24 hours) regardless of who is at fault and even if your vehicle is a write-off. If it’s a car, van, motorbike, taxi or specialist vehicle (recovery truck / wheelchair access vehicle etc) we will supply a like-for-like replacement, keeping you on the road.

Vehicle Recovery
We will collect your vehicle from anywhere in the UK completely free of charge. We can arrange for recovery from the roadside, or if your vehicle has already been recovered we will recover it directly from the garage or storage location.

We will have your vehicle inspected by an independent engineer to assess the damage and method of repair. The engineer will calculate exact repair costs for submission to the insurer for authorisation. As these costs are calculated independently and without bias the insurer usually authorise instantly to keep costs to a minimum. This also avoids the hassle of having to go to several different garages to get estimates.

Total Loss Claims
In the event that the independent engineer deems your vehicle to be a total loss we will liaise with them directly. We will ensure that the you get the maximum compensation for your vehicle by accessing various databases and comparison sites. Usually if you claim for a total loss on your own insurance they will try to pay the bare minimum (bottom book price). We ensure you get the exact amount you are entitled to.

Personal Injury
If you or any passengers in your vehicle have suffered an injury we will assist. We use a specialist team of injury specialist lawyers who will act on your behalf. They will arrange for all medical inspections and necessary paperwork to be undertaken and will pursue the insurer for your compensation on a No Win – No Fee basis. They will also ensure that you are compensated for any out of pocket expenses such as travel fees, time off work etc.

Types of courtesy vehicles
We will supply a like-for-like or better vehicle within 24 hours for the following:
Standard Cars
People Movers
4 x 4/SUV Vehicles
Wheelchair Access Vehicles (WAV)
Sports / Prestige Vehicles
Taxis / Minibuses (Plated)
Vans – Small to Large
Specialist (within 48 hours):
Recovery Trucks
Refrigerated Vans
Ice Cream Vans
Camper Vans
Uninsured Accident Claims
In the event that you have been hit by an uninsured driver or you find that you are uninsured yourself and it was not your fault we can still assist. Sometimes victims discover that their MOT or road tax had expired or in some cases their driving licence was not valid/expired or they had not informed the insurer of penalty points. In cases such as this many insurers will use this as an excuse not to pay a claim or even void your insurance. In most cases we can assist and still get you up and running in a replacement vehicle, repair your vehicle and claim for any losses or personal injury that you have suffered.

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Used Car Faults

Have you purchased a vehicle which has developed a fault? Has the vendor refused to assist with repairs or are they being difficult? Then we can help.

Many used car dealers offer a free 3-month warranty when they sell a vehicle. The truth is that you as the consumer are entitled to a minimum of 6 months warranty providing the vehicles purchase price is in excess of £2000. This may shock you, but depending on the circumstances of the transaction in some cases you can actually be entitled to a warranty of up to 6 years.

Every motor dealer has a duty of care to ensure that all vehicles sold are free from any major defects and also fit for purpose. In the event that a fault occurs they are legally obliged to assist you. Unfortunately, the law is very complex, and some motor dealers are not fully aware of their obligations. In cases such as these when we intervene most issues are resolved swiftly and amicably.

There are also several other influencing factors which can strengthen your claim such as buying a vehicle which you saw advertised on a website and had to travel to view or purchase. These are classified and governed under the ‘Distance Selling’ regulations which give consumers increased legal rights.

Internet purchases of vehicles which then develop faults are our most increasing area of complaints. Many people purchase vehicles from websites such as EBay or Gumtree etc. and presume they are private sellers. Often this is not the case and many of these sellers are in fact motor traders. We have ways and means of identifying exactly who the vendors are and can pursue them on your behalf.

If you have a problem with your vehicle we can help. Fill in the enquiry form now and we will contact your for a completely free initial consultation.

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"I purchased a vehicle from eBay which had loads of faults and was unfit to use on the road even though it had a brand new MOT. MCH found out the true identity of the seller even though they had closed the eBay account and had all of the faults fixed by them at no cost to myself. I couldn't believe how good their service was. I definitely recommend them."

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Vehicle Warranty Claims

Insurance based vehicle warranties are becoming one of our most popular areas for assistance. Many people are sold an extended warranty when they purchase a vehicle for total peace-of-mind knowing that in the event of failure they won’t have any unexpected hefty repair bills to pay. In some cases these warranties can be extremely expensive and unfortunately often turn out to be not as good as you were expecting. The sales people are very convincing when selling them and lead you to believe that all faults will be covered which is very rarely the case.

We have found that many warranty companies are keen to reject claims as soon as possible. In many cases they can be refused just because you have not informed them in the correct way or given them incomplete information. Once the claim has been rejected most consumers presume there is nothing that can be done and that the decision is final. This is not the case and we can certainly assist.

We deal with all of the major warranty companies and know which ones have the tendency to decline claims sometimes in an unfair manner. With our intervention 80% of customers who have had claims refused have successfully had the decisions reversed and the claims paid in full.

If you have a problem with a warranty claim on your vehicle we can help. Fill in the enquiry form now and we will contact your for a completely free initial consultation.

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"My warranty company refused to pay for a replacement engine in my Nissan Navara. It was nearly £8000 and they tried to say that it was due to a pre-existing fault which I hadn’t had rectified. MCH had the claim agreed and paid and my vehicle returned to me within a month. "

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Finance Agreements

If you have purchased a vehicle on finance and it develops a fault within a certain amount of time you have legal rights. In the event of a fault your first contact would naturally be to the motor dealer or vendor from which you purchased the vehicle, or if there is a warranty in place then you would contact the warranty company. In the event that you are unsuccessful with either of these then you can, in many cases pursue the finance company for assistance. Finance companies will very rarely inform you that they have any obligation towards you in the event of a fault developing. However, this is not the case and depending on the type of finance agreement the finance company can be jointly liable.

We have a very high success rate in resolving claims associated with finance companies and in many cases they have, after our intervention, instructed the supplying dealer to rectify the faults at no expense to the customer. In other cases, we have succeeded in the finance company paying for repairs and we have even had cases whereby the finance company have taken the vehicle back and refunded the customer in full.

The rights are also very similar if you have paid either all or part of the purchase using a credit card. The credit card issuer is jointly liable for the sale of the vehicle. In simple terms, if you buy a vehicle using a credit card or on a finance agreement, it is as if they have sold it to you themselves, therefore they are liable.

If you have a problem with your vehicle and it’s on finance we can help. Fill in the enquiry form now and we will contact you for a completely free initial consultation.

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"I had a problem with my BMW 320si. The engine blew up after 5 months and the garage I bought it from didn’t want to know. Motor Claims Helpline sorted everything out and got me a full refund.”

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Insurance Claim Dispute

Insurance companies are renowned for trying to reduce costs from claims wherever possible. If you have made an insurance claim which has either been declined in full or more commonly, paid out but not for the full value claimed then we may well be able to help.

Insurance companies send out assessors who will often try and save costs wherever possible. This can include authorising some parts of a claim but declining others. In most cases you as the customer don’t challenge their decisions and are forced to contribute to the repair costs. In situations such as these we can help and assist. We have independent engineers available at our disposal who can go and inspect your vehicle before or after repairs and give their verdict.

It is not a well-known fact but certain insurance companies now authorise repairs to customers vehicles using second-hand components. Needless to say this is quite a shock when you are paying hefty insurance premiums. You would expect that your vehicle was repaired to a quality standard and not with used parts from a scrapyard.

If you have a problem with your vehicle and an insurance claim we can help. Fill in the enquiry form now and we will contact your for a completely free initial consultation.

If we assess your claim and are confident we can assist you, we offer a No Win – No Fee guarantee. This gives you total peace-of-mind in knowing that we will be doing our utmost to assist at no cost to yourself. If we do succeed we will try to recover all costs incurred from the other party or take a percentage of the amount we recover.

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