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  • We can instruct independent assessors for legal purposes if required
  • We can commence legal proceedings on your behalf if required
  • We can arrange for necessary repairs to be carried out to rectify the faults(s)
  • We can arrange for temporary replacement vehicles if required
  • We can seek compensation for any costs incurred (legal fees, hire vehicles etc.)
  • We promise 100% commitment to ensure your claim is resolved swiftly


Car Park Damage

My car was bumped in a car park and the driver didn’t stop. MCH took on the case and within 24 hours had found out the details of the driver via CCTV footage. They contacted their insurance company and immediately supplied me a courtesy vehicle. The 3rd party insurance company agreed all costs and my car was repaired within 2 weeks at no cost to myself and it didn’t affect my insurance premium. Excellent job.

“B.D. Cardiff”

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